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Welcome to Celtic Network!

Celtic Network is dedicated to the efforts and accomplishments of Celtic people everywhere, in the present day and throughout history, who have had a profound influence in so many areas of human endeavor: music, mythology and folklore, weaponry, toolmaking, poetry and literature, crafts, and the visual arts, among many other fields.

The Celtic world has been historically considered to be made up of seven related but separate nations that share a common culture. These so-called Seven Celtic Nations consist of: Eire (Ireland), Alba (Scotland), Cymru (Wales), Briezh (Brittany), Kernow (Cornwall), Mannin (Isle of Man), and Galicia (Spain). Through diaspora and mass migration, the people of these nations scattered throughout Europe and elsewhere across the globe.

The mission of the celticnetwork.com site is to provide an information resource covering a sizable subgroup of those regions traditionally considered Celtic – Ireland, Scotland, and Wales – which in turn comprises a substantial percentage of the people descended from the ancient Celtic tribes. While this site includes some content – such as message board threads – related to the other seven nations, you will find the coverage to be more limited in scope.

Here you can brush up on a little history and mythology, learn about how to trace your Celtic roots and fill in your family tree, read live news feeds from back home, and meet others with similar interests in the forum message boards. Whether you are descended from Irish, Scottish, or Welsh ancestors (as we are), or just have an interest in the land, people and culture of these countries, we hope you will find the information contained here to be both interesting and useful.

The information and resources on celticnetwork.com are organized into the following sections:

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often; we are expanding and updating the information on this site frequently. To leave us feedback and suggestions for improving celticnetwork.com, please visit our contact page.



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