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Jigs, airs, hornpipes, or reels. No matter what form traditional Celtic music may take, it universally stirs the soul, raises the spirits, and prods the listener to get up and dance.

Through a chain of varied incarnations and emigrations, Celtic music has wandered the globe and been reborn in such far-flung reaches as Acadiana, Cape Breton, and the Louisiana bayous. Traditional instruments are always at the heart of this music: fiddle, accordion, concertina, bagpipes, Uilleann pipes, harp, flute, tinwhistle, mandolin, and guitar.

Though not finished yet, the Music pages of CelticNetwork.com will discuss some of the Instruments that are prominently featured in the traditional folk music of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and present selected Musicians whose melodic mastery reigns supreme. Your patience is appreciated as we expand this section.



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