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Irish Wisdom

About evening a man is known.


A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
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A dishonest woman can't be kept in and an honest woman won't.
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A fool and his money are easily parted.
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`Irish proverbs image
A golden ring can tie a man as tight as any chain.
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A heavy purse makes a light heart.
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A little of anything isn't worth a pin;
but a wee bit of sense is worth a lot.
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A little pleases a poor man.
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A loud voice can make even the truth sound foolish.
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A man may be his own ruin.
A man who holds good cards would never say if they were dealt wrong.
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A narrow neck keeps the bottle from being emptied in one swig.
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A nod is as good as a wink to a blind donkey.
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A postponement till morning is a postponement forever.
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A secret is a weapon and a friend.
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A shamefaced man seldom acquires wealth.
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A short visit is best and that not too often.
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A shrew gets her wish but suffers in the getting.
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A silent mouth never did any harm.
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A sly rogue is often in good dress.
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A trout in the pot is better than a salmon in the sea.
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A turkey never voted for an early Christmas.
A watched kettle never boils.
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A windy day is the wrong one for thatching.
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A wise head keeps a shut mouth.
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A woman can beat the devil.
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A wren in the hand is better than a crane to be caught.
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Be kind to those that meet you as you rise, you may pass them again as you fall.
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Better an idle house than a bad tenant.
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Better to own a trifle than want a great deal.
Irish proverbs image
Better to sit beside him than in his place.
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Better is the trouble that follows death than the trouble that follows shame.
Irish proverbs image
Castles were built a stone at a time.
Irish proverbs image
Constant company wears out its welcome.
Irish proverbs image
Discord is less painful than loneliness.
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Do not mistake a goat’s beard for a fine stallion’s tail.
Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.
Irish proverbs image
Don't go early or late to the well.
Irish proverbs image
Don't rest your eyes beyond what is your own.
Irish proverbs image
Don't say everything you want to say lest you hear something you would not like to hear.
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Drunkenness and anger, 'tis said tell the truth.
Irish proverbs image
Even black hens lay white eggs.
Irish proverbs image
Everyone is wise till he speaks.
Irish proverbs image
Everyone lays a burden on the willing horse.
Fair words never fed a friar.
Irish proverbs image
God is good, but never dance in a small boat.
Irish proverbs image
Half a loaf is better than no bread.
Irish proverbs image
He'd offer you an egg if you promised not to break the shell.
Irish proverbs image
He knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
Irish proverbs image
He who pays the piper calls the tune.
Irish proverbs image
His own wound is what everyone feels soonest.
Irish proverbs image
Humor to a man is like a feather pillow.
It is filled with what is easy to get but gives great comfort.
Irish proverbs image
Idleness is a fool's desire.
Irish proverbs image
If a cat had a dowry, she would often be kissed.
Irish proverbs image
If a rogue deceives me once, shame on him. If he deceives me twice, shame on me.
Irish proverbs image
If it's got badly, it'll go badly.
Irish proverbs image
If you don't know the way, walk slowly.
Irish proverbs image
If you have a roving eye, it's no use having the other one fixed on Heaven.
Irish proverbs image
If you lie down with dogs you'll rise with fleas.
Irish proverbs image
It is better to be born lucky than rich.
Irish proverbs image
It is no secret that is known to three.
Irish proverbs image
It is no shame to tell the truth.
Irish proverbs image
It is no time to go for the doctor when the patient is dead.
Irish proverbs image
It is not the most beautiful woman who has the most sense.
Irish proverbs image
It's a small thing that outlives a man.
Irish proverbs image
It's bad manners to talk about ropes
in the house of a man whose father was hanged.
Irish proverbs image
It's often a man's mouth broke his nose.
Irish proverbs image
Least said soonest mended.


Long churning makes bad butter.

Long loneliness is better than bad company.

Make hay while the sun shines.

Making the beginning is one third of the work.

Many an Irish property was increased by the lace of a daughter's petticoat.

Many a sudden change takes place on a spring day.

Many hands make light work.

Neighbours bring comfort in adversity but only envy in success.

Never ask a fox to mind the hens.

Never buy bread from a butcher.

Never give cherries to pigs or advice to fools.

Never put off tomorrow what you can do today.

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Never sleep with a stranger or borrow from a neighbour.

Never speak to the feet while the head is alive.

Never trust a spiteful man.

No matter how tall your grandfather was, you have to do your own growing.

No rearing, no manners.

One eye in the corner is sharper than two about the house.

One man's meat is another man's poison.

Only the rich can afford compassion.

Patience can conquer destiny.

Patience is a plaster for all sores.

Patience is a virtue that causes no shame.

Pity him who makes his opinions a certainty.

Pity the man who does wrong and is poor as well.

Poor is the church without music.

Possession is nine-tenths of the law.

Poverty is no shame.

Poverty parts good company.

Praise the ripe field not the green corn.

Pride comes before a fall.

Red sky at night is a shepherd's delight,
red sky in the morning is a shepherd's warning.

Remember even if you lose all, keep your good name
for if you lose that you are worthless.

Reputations last longer than lives.

Scattering is easier than gathering.

See not what you see and hear not what you hear.

Sense doesn't come before age.

Soft words butter no parsnips but
they won't harden the heart of the cabbage either.

Strength is not enduring.

Tell the truth and shame the devil.

The best looking-glass is the eyes of a friend.

The early bird catches the worm.

The early riser gets through his business but not through early rising.

The end of a feast is better than the beginning of a fight.

The English always credit the rest of us
with the qualities they don't need themselves.

The eye should be blind in the home of another.

The heavier the purse, the lighter the heart.

The longest road out is the shortest road home.

The person of the greatest talk is the person of the least work.

The road to Heaven is well signposted, but it is badly lit at night.

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There are finer fish in the sea than have ever been caught.

There is no smoke without fire.

There's many a good tune played on an old fiddle.

There's many a ship lost within sight of harbour.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The youngest thorns are the sharpest.

The young shed many skins.

Those who get the name of rising early may lie all day.

Time is a good storyteller.

To the raven her own chick is white.

Treachery returns.

Trouble hates nothing as much as a smile.

Truth speaks even though the tongue were dead.

Truth stands when everything else falls.

What is in the marrow is hard to take out of the bone.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

What butter and whiskey will not cure there's no cure for.

What I'm afraid to hear I'd better say first myself.

What is nearest the heart is nearest the mouth.

When a heifer is far from home she grows longer horns.

Willful waste makes woeful want.

Wisdom is what makes a poor man a king, a weak person powerful,
a good generation of a bad one, a foolish man reasonable.

You can keep away from the rogue,
but you cannot keep yourself safe from the liar.

You can take a man out of the bog,
but you can't take the bog out of the man.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

You can't build a barrel round a bung hole.

You'll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind.

You must crack the nuts before you can eat the kernel.

You must empty a box before you fill it again.

You never miss the water till the well has run dry.


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Irish Wit: Religion, the Law, Literature, Love, Drink, Wisdom and Proverbs

by: Sean McCann, Tom Mathews

Book Description
All of the wise, insulting, obscure, profound, and sometimes idiotic sayings of the Irish are distilled in this unique collection of quotes-from famous thinkers like Yeats, Swift, and Wilde to the layman. Irish wit is an art form, and for years the Irish have mixed wit with wisdom, as they have porter with whiskey, and to the same intoxicating effect. These maxims record Irish opinions on love, religion, the 'hard stuff,' the English, and common subjects like fighting, sport, and food. This book is ideal for those looking for the perfect toast or wishing to impress people at parties.


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